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07 October 2022

Manulife Singapore launches Manulife SmartRetire (V), a retirement insurance policy that gives you flexibility to customise your goals

  • Policy owners have the flexibility to create a retirement tailored to their needs, with monthly premiums as low as S$3006.
  • Welcome bonus4 for new policy owners, as well as annual loyalty bonuses4 during the accumulation and retirement periods.

SINGAPORE - Manulife Singapore today announced the launch of Manulife SmartRetire (V), a whole-of-life, regular premium, investment-linked insurance policy that offers policy owners the opportunity to create a retirement plan best suited to their needs, with premiums starting as low as S$3006 per month.

Policy owners can choose to retire with a stream of income or to receive a lump sum from as early as 40 years old or even at age 70 based on their lifestyle needs.

A recent DBS-Manulife Future Ready Survey has revealed that more than half of (59%) pre-retirees1 define a well-lived life as being ‘content and comfortable’. The survey also showed that while 73% of respondents prioritise making provisions for retirement as their biggest life goal, just over half (53%) feel they’ve achieved this. One in six said that they don't have anyone to rely on for their retirement security.

Darren Thompson, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Product Officer, Manulife Singapore, said, “The pandemic has forced many of us to re-examine our finances, including our retirement plans. As busy Singaporeans prioritise making provisions for retirement, we wanted to offer a product that is easy to set up and flexible enough to cater for future adjustments. Manulife SmartRetire (V) is designed with this in mind, and we hope to support customers to build a comfortable retirement plan according to their lifestyle needs so they can retire with peace of mind.”

Empowering customers to build up a nest egg to take care of their financial needs during their golden years

Manulife SmartRetire (V) has been launched for policy owners to navigate their way to a comfortable retirement. Policy benefits include:

  1. Protection for Total Target Retirement Goal
    • Protection amount will be bumped up to the total target retirement amount during the accumulation period.
  2. Refund of Cost of Insurance (COI)
    • COI2 charged during the term of the policy will be refunded if protection benefits are not utilised.
  3. Coverage
    • Protection3 for death and waiver of premium benefit on Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).
  4. Bonuses
    • Get a boost to your investment with a Welcome Bonus4 from the start, and yearly Loyalty Bonuses4 during the accumulation and retirement periods.
  5. Withdrawal Flexibility
    • Free withdrawal of reinvested dividends5.
  6. Payment Options
    • Start from as low as S$3006 per month via cash.


Find out more about Manulife SmartRetire (V) here:




Terms and conditions apply, please refer to the Product Summary for specific definitions.

  1. 35 to 65 years old
  2. If there is no claim made on death or waiver of premium benefit on TPD before the Target Retirement Age, the cost of insurance charged on basic benefits will be refunded in a lump sum as additional units on the policy anniversary of the Target Retirement Age.
  3. Coverage for death of life insured is up to age 99. Coverage for waiver of premium benefit on TPD is up to before the flexi start date and policy owner's age 70.
  4. Welcome bonus will be credited into your account in the first 12 months upon receipt of each regular basic premium payment in the form of additional units. Yearly Loyalty Bonus will be paid starting from the next policy anniversary immediately after the end of Minimum Investment Period and every subsequent year until the end of the policy term in form of additional units.
  5. It is available for policies that invest in dividend paying funds with the option to reinvest any dividend selected. Withdrawal of any reinvested dividend will impact the Loyalty Bonus.
  6. Applies to Minimum Investment Period 12 Years Flexi 8 plans.

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