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Investment Plans in Singapore

Investment-linked policies (ILP) generate potential investment returns with protection for life. It is a proactive journey, with the freedom to direct your wealth accumulation based on your goals and risk appetite. ILP are able to potentially offer better returns than other savings instruments, with a higher level of risk involved, depending on the funds selected.

At Manulife Singapore, we provide a range of ILPs with fund choices and fund switching options, to provide greater flexibility. 

Some provide bonuses that may give you a boost towards your wealth accumulation goals, whereas plans that offer dividend-paying funds or targeted payouts can give you a potential stream of income. 

Browse our different Investment-linked policies (ILP) below, or get in touch with one of our Financial Consultants to discuss your options. 

Build wealth while protecting against life uncertainties with our investment plans.

Manulife SmartRetire (III)
Investment Linked Plans

A plan designed for flexibility and control over your retirement journey





































ManuInvest Duo
Investment Linked Plans

Accumulate your wealth while protecting your lifestyle.





















InvestReady Wealth (II)
Investment Linked Plans

Over 100 funds available in 1 investment-linked plan.





Manulink Investor (II)
Investment Linked Plans

Investment plan with a wide suite of professionally-managed funds to invest in.








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