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Goal: I want to protect myself against life’s uncertainties with health insurance


How to protect yourself against life’s uncertainties with health insurance

While none of us wants to think about illnesses and accidents, particularly when we are feeling fit and healthy, one should always be prepared when it happens. This is because when an unfortunate event such as illness, injury or total and permanent disability happens, you and your family will be facing tremendous emotional stress. The last thing you would want to worry about is your financial situation. Having sufficient insurance coverage will allow you and your family to focus on recovery and rebuilding your lives.


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Recommended Health Insurance Plans: 

It is important to find the right health insurance plan that suits your needs. For example, critical illnesses are becoming more prevalent in today’s society, hence it would be advisable to look for an insurance plan that can cover you adequately for as many scenarios as possible. 


Critical SelectCare

Crafted to protect you against selected major critical illnesses and age-related conditions.

Critical SelectCare - Purchasing a protection plan after 40 years old can be difficult. Introducing Critical SelectCare, crafted with you in mind to cover you against selected major critical illnesses and age-related conditions for less than S$11 a day.



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    1. Premium is based on 40 year old, non-smoker, male with sum insured of S$25,000, paying annual premiums.

    2. Coverage will be restarted to 100% of basic sum insured after 12 claim-free months from the last critical illness claim. Subject to maximum payout of 500% of basic sum insured.

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