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01 April 2019

Manulife’s Mrs Fortune Teller: averting the misfortunes of adulting

Mrs. Fortune Teller

Singapore – What will tomorrow bring? Is this going to be a good year? What is in store for me over the next five years? Most millennials shy away from serious conversations about their future and what it holds. Drawing on this insight, Manulife Singapore launched ‘Mrs Fortune Teller’, a tongue-in-cheek campaign that seeks to get millennials talking about the uncertainties and challenges they face, and how to avert those unexpected misfortunes when it comes to adulting.

Who is Mrs Fortune Teller?

Given the seriousness around financial planning, it was key for Manulife Singapore to introduce a relatable yet light-hearted character to connect and engage with our target audience – millennials. Enter Mrs Fortune, a dry, witty fortune teller who delivers the misfortunes of adulting in the funniest and most Singaporean way possible. With Manulife Singapore as her life partner, nothing surprises Mrs Fortune as she’s already seen it. Her foresight is 20/20 and she’s always ready to share her premonitions with you.

Pre-seeding: ‘hijacking’ Manulife Singapore’s Instagram account

The pre-seeding for the campaign started from March 2019, which involved Mrs Fortune ‘taking over’ the official Manulife Singapore Instagram (@mrsfortunetellersg; @manulife.singapore) account, and a Facebook page was also set up. Both social media accounts allowed users to submit their burning questions about what their future has in store for them, with ‘live’ readings held on social media with Mrs Fortune’s friends Maxi Lim & Noah Yap (Mon 25 Mar @ 8.30pm), and Chua Enlai (Thu 28 Mar @ 8.30pm). Over the course of a month, Mrs Fortune Teller received over 500 questions from the public.

The big reveal: online and offline

Localised Singapore-only fortune cards

We designed a deck of 12 fortune cards covering six themes: love, health, career, housing, money and kids. These were common questions and worries that we received from our younger customers, and also allowed us to provide suitable solutions to address these concerns. Expect very localised, enlightening and humorous readings made possible by a set of hyper-local and extremely contextual fortune cards. Whether it’s your love for BCM, BTO or COE, Mrs Fortune Teller has got you covered.

If a jackpot is not in your future, arm yourself with RetireReady to achieve that golden years you’ve always dreamed of. Health hiccups may be coming your way? Get a critical illness plan like Ready CompleteCare to cover yourself again and again. Worried about something unexpected happening to you and your loved ones? You’re in need of ManuProtect Term, a protection plan that allows you to safeguard your family against unforeseen circumstances.

Online to Offline

From 1 April, there will be an online version of the Mrs Fortune Teller experience, allowing users to simulate a fortune reading based on their specific area of concern. Based on their selection, users will be provided a recommended Manulife product that would best address their needs.

Mrs Fortune Teller will be hitting the streets of Singapore with a roving fortune telling booth Saturday 6 April along Orchard Road from 12pm to 8pm – the unknowns will be unveiled and you can now avert misfortunes by preparing for what you know lies ahead. As part of the activation, Mrs Fortune Teller will be giving out her localised fortune cards to consumers on the street.

Manulife Singapore: negating fears and concerns when it comes to adulting

"How would you live your life if you knew what the future holds? Truth is no one really knows what tomorrow will bring. We know that changes can happen and one can never regret planning ahead as life progresses. We are constantly looking for ways to highlight the need to act in time to protect against life’s uncertainties. The launch of Mrs Fortune Teller as a light-hearted April Fools’ campaign is another one of Manulife’s initiatives to reach out to people in a refreshing way," said Kwek-Perroy Li Choo, Chief Customer Officer of Manulife Singapore.

As a leading insurer, Manulife provides financial planning and insurance products that help negate the fears and concerns that many millennials today face when it comes to adulting. Our suite of products covering Life, Health, Savings, Investments and Wealth solutions include:

1. Ready LifeIncome (enjoy a 18% discount for 10 pay, 8% discount for 5 pay for first year premiums)
2. Ready Protect (enjoy a 10% family discount when you sign up today)
3. ManuProtect Term
4. Ready CompleteCare
5. LifeReady
6. InvestReady Wealth (II)
7. RetireReady Plus
8. ReadyBuilder

Terms & conditions apply. For more information, head to

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