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My work is not a job but a fulfilling venture that allows me to cultivate lasting relationships with my clients, who eventually become cherished friends. 

I take immense pleasure in engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and considering every interaction as an opportunity to assist them in better preparing for unforeseen events in life. Guiding them towards recognizing their desires and helping them navigate the path to achieve their goals is the essence of my role. I am grateful that they entrust me with their worries and share their stories, as it enables me to make a meaningful impact in their lives.

I progress to senior manager & now an AVP heading a team and have been in the insurance industry for more than a decade. My keen interest in the industry stems from my passion for helping the people around me. My 2-year stint in the Rotary Club during my poly days lays testament to this.

A self-starter with a never-say-die attitude coupled with leadership skills honed during my 7-year term as a part-time manager in McDonald’s equipped me with the necessary skills in managing my team at Manulife. Coming from an Engineering background in NUS Singapore, I am a natural when it comes to problem-solving with my logical and systematic approach. A good listener by nature, I am able to reach out to strangers by breaking down complicated policy jargon into easily understandable bits through clear and concise explanations. My advanced diploma in marketing provided me an edge in tailoring the various premiums to meet the differing needs of my discerning clients thereby enforcing the total customer-centric experience.

Personally, I see insurance as a fulfilling venture, a successful lifelong partnership between the client and myself, and as an opportunity to help people prepare for unexpected events in life rather than to make a sale for commercial gains. I hope to instill this mindset in my team and help as many people in the near future with everyone happy, and healthy and have all their wishes come true.



Representing Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Wealth Management  | Life & Saving Protection

2020-2023: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

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