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About me


I became a financial practitioner to advocate the importance of financial literacy. It inspires me to share how this is key to achieving financial independence and desired lifestyle. 


Learning from others who have successfully managed their time, finances, and resources tells me we are capable of achieving what we want. This mantra guides me in finding true purpose in touching lives and influencing mindsets. 


With previous experience in managing portfolios for high-net-worth individuals at a bank, I am equipped with strategic thinking, strong competency in tailoring solutions for my clients, and effective communication skills. Today, I am privileged to continue pursuing my passion through Manulife.


As the saying goes, "If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there." I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to achieve their goals and dreams with the same amount of time, good ideas, and knowledge, and I am confident that my involvement would help clients scale greater heights.

Amos Goh

Representing Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Wealth Management | Legacy Planning

2022: IBF Certification

2023: Court of the Table (COT)

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