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I've worked in the banking industry for almost 14 years. Being in the bank provided me with the status of being recognised as a banker. It appears to be a glamorous occupation because bankers are constantly dressed to their best in their daily work, working in an air-conditioned office. But there was also tremedous stress, pressure, and long working hours.  As a mother of three, I had neglected the development of my two older children. It was during my eldest's PSLE that I realised how much I missed out on revision time and growing up with them. So, with all my courage, I decided to enter the insurance industry.It is also in my interest to pursue the insurance industry since I firmly believe that insurance can provide the family with the assurance they require in times of emergency and provide well for the family while they wait to enjoy the benefits of their plans. It is also through a well-planned time line that different fruits for different seasons can be reaped. The same as a person's many life stages. I appreciate being the person who grows alongside my clients at all stages of their lives and witnessing them enjoy the harvest of their fruits at various seasons. I always tell myself that this is a learning journey for me to broaden my knowledge of financial planning and share this knowledge with my clients so that they can plan for the future and their ongoing future generations can reap the harvest of my clients' planning. I want to learn and continue to learn so that I can arm myself with extensive and deep information to assist my clients in making better decisions for their personal and financial well-being. 



Manulife Financial Advisers Pte. Ltd.

2023: Court of the Table (COT)

Retirement Planning | Legacy Planning

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