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As a proud veteran in the insurance industry, a devoted mother, a supportive wife, and a passionate leader, my unwavering commitment lies in sharing my knowledge and helping my clients achieve remarkable success on their financial journey.


When I first embarked on my path as a financial consultant, it was far from easy. Countless hours were dedicated to roadshows, tirelessly working to expand my client base, and embarking on transformative journeys alongside them as they pursued their life goals.


Now, as a leader, my greatest joy comes from mentoring aspiring individuals, regardless of their sales or financial backgrounds, guiding them to reach the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) achievement. Witnessing both my consultants and clients reach significant milestones encapsulates the true essence of success in my role. It is my fervent desire to extend this profound impact to every person I encounter.



Manulife Financial Advisers Pte. Ltd.

Wealth Management | Legacy Planning

2021-2023: Top of the Table (TOT)

2020: Court of the Table (COT)

2022: AVP/VP of the Year - Personal Production in Revenue Credits (1st)

2022: Unit of the Year - Revenue Credits (2nd)

2022: Unit of the Year - Manpower (3rd)

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