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Make life in the "new normal" a more secure one

03 October 2022 | 1-min read

As everyone adjusts into the "new normal" imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the general sentiment might be how to best adapt to these changes and secure one's finances.

As everyone adjusts into the "new normal" imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the general sentiment might be how to best adapt to these changes and secure one's finances. One thing for sure is continuing to follow the safety measures and maintaining safe distancing 

One can take active steps to ensure one is better prepared for the worst. For heads of the household, this means taking into account the different needs of all family members individually and securing funds to protect the whole family in case of emergencies.

For single people who are looking to invest, insurance may provide them with options to not only protect themselves and their loved ones but also to give them more financial freedom. While health is top of mind, it is also important to choose insurance and an insurance company that allows them to secure their future for their loved ones. 

See the different ways an insurance plan can help you.

Build funds for investment. You shouldn't have to choose between protection and investment, with affordable plans that can give you both. Protection can come in the form of coverage for the  whole family, while investment can come in flexible options to suit your needs.

Financial security for the whole family. A big portion of your peace of mind would be in knowing that your family is financially secure too. You and your loved ones can look forward to your twilight years with savings plans that not only give you access to benefits payouts but also offer additional options. Some of them also offer an additional option where you can receive yearly income when you reach a certain age.

Easy terms for starters. New to all this and not ready to commit long-term? Choose dynamic plans that let you choose manageable timelines with options to renew. It gives you and your family protection on your own terms.

In uncertain times, insurance will give you greater peace of mind. It has you covered, for different protection benefits, and lets you choose the duration and terms that best suit your budget and needs. 

Learn more about how you can secure your future as you adapt to the "new normal."


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