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Transfer ownership of a policy

Transfer ownership of your policy to another person or company.



When making a transfer of ownership from the Policyowner (Assignor) to another person or company (Assignee), the Assignee will have full control of the policy as if he or she is the Policyowner. 

Both the Assignor and Assignee should be 18 years old or older. If the Assignor or Assignee is below 18 years old, please contact our Client Services team at (65) 6833-8188 for assistance. 

To perform an Assignment, please complete the Deed of Assignment Form and submit it to us with the necessary document(s) requested.

What you need to provide

Please refer to the “Assignment of Policy Checklist” found in the Deed of Assignment Form.


Can a Deed of Assignment be performed for all policies? 
Not all policies are eligible for a Deed of Assignment. Please refer to the “Assignment of Policy Checklist” found in the Deed of Assignment Form for the submission requirements.


Assign policy to a financial institution

Assign your policy to a financial institution as additional security for a loan.


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