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Filing a medical claim

This section will guide you through the claims submission process to file a medical claim for plans such as ManuCare, ManuMediCash and Hospital and Surgical plans


For medical reimbursement claims that are less than S$1,500 or if the hospitalisation period is less than five days, we may waive the Attending Physician Statement, provided there is sufficient documentary evidence such as an “Inpatient Discharge Summary” or “Doctor’s Memo” showing the cause of illness and period of hospitalisation. However if deemed necessary, the Attending Physician Statement may still be required for claims that meet the above criteria. 

To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, please ensure that the required documents listed in the next section are completed and sent to us. We may need more time to process the claim if further clarification is needed, and will inform you if this occurs.

What you need to provide

1. Medical Claim Form – to be completed by the policyowner 
2. Attending Physician Statement – to be completed by the attending doctor 
3. Copy of the Insured’s or Claimant’s NRIC or passport 
4. Original final hospital bill(s) and receipt(s) – the bills should consist of both the summarised and itemised bills 
5. Copy of medical certificate(s) 
6. Inpatient Discharge Summary and/or doctor’s memo 
7. All other relevant medical reports e.g. lab reports 
8. Copy of police report for hospital admissions due to accidents, if any 
9. Copy of child’s birth certificate (for Baby Bonus Benefit claims) 
10. Authorisation letter – required if a third party is assisting with the claim


What is the estimated processing time?

  • Acknowledgement of claim – 2 working days after receiving the written claim notification
  • Assessment of claim – 10 working days after receiving all required documents
  • Payment of cheque – 3 working days after the claim is approved

Who pays for the Attending Physician Statement or medical report?

  • The policyowner will have to bear the cost of the Attending Physician Statement or medical report, except for clarifications that Manulife requires.

If I am claiming from my Medical Insurance Shield plan, can I still claim with Manulife?

  • Under the regulations*, kindly note that the reimbursement shall be made in the following order: 
    (i) Cash 
    (ii) Medisave 
    (iii) Medical Insurance Shield 

Please see below illustration: 

Mr Ang was admitted to a Private Hospital for one day and the bill amount to $12,000 and submitted under his Manucare Elite Plan. 


Total Bill

Cash from Mr Ang $1,000
Medisave $2,900
Sield Plan (ABC Insurance) $8,100


Manulife Claim Assessment:


  Incurred Amount Manucare Elite Benefit Payable Amount
Room & Board - 1 day $500 $300 / day $300
Miscellaneous Hospital Expenses $5,500 As charged $5,500
Surgical Fee $6,000 As charged $6,000
Total $12,000



Manulife will reimburse the claim according to the schedule below


Total Payable Amount

Cash to Mr Ang $1,000
Credit to Medisave Amount $2,900
Sield Plan (ABC Insurance) $7,900

*The reimbursement protocol is in accordance with Regulation 23 of the Central Provident Fund (Medisave Account Withdrawals) Regulations (Rg 17), Regulation 20 of the Central Provident Fund (Medishield Scheme) Regulations 2005 and Regulation 13 of the Central Provident Fund (Private Medical Insurance Scheme) Regulations 2006.


Where can I check if my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is eligible for reimbursement?

  • If submitting a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) claim, kindly visit the TCM Practitioner Board link, to check if the TCM practitioner is registered to ensure that your claim is eligible for reimbursement.


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