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Filing a Medical Claim

Claim online now

For best submission experience, please use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

We are committed to supporting you throughout the claims process. 

What you need to know:

  1. Check that your mailing address, mobile number & email address has been updated with us. You may log in to our secure customer portal, MyManulife to update your contact details instantly. If your contact details are outdated, you will not be able to receive claim updates.
  2. Ensure you have these documents ready for upload, where applicable:
    • Hospital Discharge Summary, if there is hospitalisation
    • Final medical bills
    • Medical Certificates, if claiming for weekly indemnity
    • Child's birth certificate, if claiming Baby Bonus Benefit (Refer to FAQ on 'How can I submit a Baby Bonus Benefit claim?')
    • Doctor's memo or medical report
    • Report on MRI or Xray results
    • CPF Statement showing deductions and Hospital Registration/Reference number, if CPF MediSave/MediShield Life is involved
    • Police report, if any
    • Policy Owner's Bank statement or passbook with his/her name & account number if preferred payment is direct credit to a Singapore bank account
  3. For claims which require further information, you may be asked to contact the doctor to complete the Medical Claim Attending Physician Statement document (link below). The cost of obtaining this document will be borne by you. For such cases, we will keep you informed.
  4. All documents in foreign languages must be officially translated to English by a certified translator/interpreter.


How can I submit a Baby Bonus Benefit claim?

  • While there is no specific selection for ‘Baby Bonus Benefit’ claim online, you may still submit your claim online by selecting ‘Hospitalisation’ as ‘Claim event’ and ‘Illness’ as ‘Cause of the claim event’. As the compulsory questions are not specific to ‘Baby Bonus Benefit’ claim, you can mention ‘Baby Bonus Benefit’ and the baby's date of birth for those questions. As for the ‘Supporting Information’, please upload a copy of the baby's birth certificate under ‘Required documents’.
  • Alternatively, you may complete the Medical Claim Form and submit the completed form with a copy of baby's birth certificate to us via email at sgp_a&

If I am claiming from my Medical Insurance Shield plan, can I still claim with Manulife?

  • Under the regulations*, kindly note that the reimbursement shall be made in the following order: 
    (i) Cash 
    (ii) Medisave 
    (iii) Medical Insurance Shield 

Please see below illustration: 

Mr Ang was admitted to a Private Hospital for one day and the bill amount to $12,000 and submitted under his Manucare Elite Plan. 


Total Bill

Cash from Mr Ang $1,000
Medisave $2,900
Shield Plan (ABC Insurance) $8,100


Manulife Claim Assessment:


  Incurred Amount Manucare Elite Benefit Payable Amount
Room & Board - 1 day $500 $300 / day $300
Miscellaneous Hospital Expenses $5,500 As charged $5,500
Surgical Fee $6,000 As charged $6,000
Total $12,000



Manulife will reimburse the claim according to the schedule below


Total Payable Amount

Cash to Mr Ang $1,000
Credit to Medisave Amount $2,900
Shield Plan (ABC Insurance) $7,900

*The reimbursement protocol is in accordance with Regulation 23 of the Central Provident Fund (Medisave Account Withdrawals) Regulations (Rg 17), Regulation 20 of the Central Provident Fund (Medishield Scheme) Regulations 2005 and Regulation 13 of the Central Provident Fund (Private Medical Insurance Scheme) Regulations 2006.



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