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Filing a Retrenchment Claim

We are committed to supporting you throughout the claims process. This section will guide you through the claims submission process to file a Retrenchment claim. 



To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, please ensure that the required documents listed in the next section are completed and sent to us. We may need more time to process the claim if further clarification is needed, and will inform you if this occurs.

What you need to know:

  1. Download and complete the Retrenchment Benefit Claim Form
  2. Here is the full list of documents required for submission:
    • Completed Retrenchment Benefit Claim Form
    • Retrenchment letter from Employer on Company Letterhead
    • Policy Owner's NRIC (front & back) or Passport
    • Insured's NRIC (front & back) or Passport 
    • Policy Owner's bank statement or passbook with his/her name & account number if preferred payment is direct credit to a Singapore bank account and if an existing Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) arrangement has not been set up for the same bank account
    • Last 12 months of Central Provident Fund Statement
  3. You may choose to submit the form, with the supporting document(s), via email or mail.
  4. We will keep you informed if further clarification on your claim is needed.


What is the estimated processing time?

  • Acknowledgement of claim – 2 working days after receiving the written claim notification
  • Assessment of claim – 10 working days after receiving all required documents
  • Payment of cheque – 3 working days after the claim is approved


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