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Set up a GIRO arrangement

Arrange payment by GIRO to deduct premiums automatically from your bank account.




If you are an accountholder with POSB or DBS, you can set up a GIRO arrangement instantly online via POSB or DBS website. Here are the steps:

  • Visit POSB or DBS website and login to your digibank account
  • Go to “Add GIRO Arrangement”
  • Under Billing Organisation, select Manulife (S) Pte Ltd from the dropdown list
  • Key in your Manulife Policy Number as the Bill Reference Number
  • Check the “I do not want to set a payment limit” if you do not wish to set a payment limit
  • If you wish to set a payment limit for the policy indicated, do enter the payment limit. By setting this payment limit, it limits the amount Manulife can collect from the selected bank account for the specific policy.  A collection of the bill that exceeds this limit will be rejected


Alternatively, instead of applying online, you can download the Interbank GIRO Application Form, complete it and mail it to us. If you choose this method, please take note of the following:

  • Your application may take up to 60 days to activate.
  • We will inform you once your application is approved. Meanwhile, please arrange to make timely payment of your premiums via other payment methods
  • The bank account holder must sign on the Interbank GIRO Application Form. The signature used must be the same as the one in the bank’s records


Payment by PayNow

Perform payment for your policy by PayNow.



Payment via AXS or internet banking

Perform payment for your policy via AXS or internet banking.



Payment by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft

Perform payment for your policy by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft.



Payment by telegraphic transfer

Perform payment for your policy by telegraphic transfer.



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