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30 May 2024

Manulife Singapore Boosts its Manulife Pro Recognition Programme with Elevated Criteria and Enhanced Benefits

●       Since its launch with 200 top financial consultants, Manulife Pro has achieved a 30% increase in qualifiers, underscoring its growing appeal and success.

●       Upgraded Manulife Pro offers additional support in personal branding, capability development, and lead generation to its high-performing financial consultants.  

SINGAPORE – Manulife Singapore announced significant enhancements to its prestigious Manulife Pro programme, aimed at raising the bar for excellence and improving service quality within the insurance sector. Introduced in May 2023, the programme offers three tiers tiers – Gold, Diamond, and Platinum – providing financial consultants with exclusive resources and tools to deliver superior customer service.

Recent findings from the Manulife Asia Care Survey 2024 indicate that half (50%) of respondents purchased their personal insurance through financial consultants, emphasising the pivotal role these professionals play. Manulife Pro addresses this need by ensuring its consultants are not only equipped, but also adhere to the highest standards of service and expertise.

Since its launch, the programme has expanded to a more than 30% increase in participation compared to last year. Manulife Pro has demonstrated strong performance outcomes, with a 67% retention of repeat qualifiers and 20% of consultants advancing to higher tiers, highlighting the programme's success and efficacy.

Khoo Poh Huat, Chief Distribution Officer, Manulife Singapore said, "The positive outcomes of Manulife Pro reinforce our dedication to elevating industry standards. We're delighted that it has empowered our top consultants to better serve their customers. The rigorous standards of the programme not only ensure our consultants provide consistent stellar services but also position us to attract and cultivate more top-tier talent, driving high quality and sustainable growth at Manulife."

Manulife Pro for Agency Leaders

This year, Manulife Pro is extended to agency leaders, including branch directors and unit managers, offering them the same robust support and benefits as individual consultants. However, agency leaders are required to meet team-related criteria, which ensures that they not only excel individually but also elevate their teams' performance. By recognising leaders, they are better equipped to set a positive tone and motivate their team members, fostering a culture of consistency and quality advisory across the organisation.

Strengthened support and new benefits in 2024

Manulife Pro introduces an array of new benefits aimed at boosting consultants' success. Key enhancements include:

  • Personal branding tools: Manulife Pro consultants now have access to the upgraded CRM platform, featuring personal branding tools for customer outreach to enhance consultants' ability to manage and grow customer relationships efficiently.
  • Dedicated high-net-worth (HNW) support: Manulife Pro consultants receive priority access to specialised support for HNW clientele. This includes learning and development opportunities, as well as exclusive networking activities to grow their HNW client base.
  • Exclusive learning and development opportunities: The programme continues to foster consultant growth through exclusive workshops and certifications that enhance customer engagement, sales techniques, and leadership skills.

Roy Tang, Manulife Pro Platinum Achiever, Tiger Advisory Group shared, "Manulife Pro has been a game changer in how we approach customer engagement and service excellence. Despite my extensive experience in the industry, the latest enhancements are particularly invigorating as they help ensure the sustainable growth of our business. As a financial consultant, we are essentially self-employed, and this support empowers us to continuously improve and succeed."

Raising the bar for 2025

Manulife Singapore remains steadfast to advancing the Manulife Pro programme by setting even higher standards. For 2025, the programme will introduce more stringent criteria aimed at boosting client acquisition and retention. Consultants will be required to demonstrate excellence in securing new customers and providing exceptional service to retain existing customers. This proactive approach ensures that consultants are continually equipped to meet evolving market demands and deliver superior customer experiences.

"Manulife Pro reflects our strong support to our consultants' success and their capability to meet customer needs at the highest standards. We highly value feedback and continuously use it to improve the programme." Khoo added.

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