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What we do

Innovative Products

Our selection of protection and investment products are designed to meet different needs. For more information on our products, please refer to 'Solutions’.

Client Centricity

We aim for all our policyowners to be clients for life, by recommending suitable plans, and making sure that their changing needs are met through regular reviews. We have maintained, and intend to build on the tradition of providing real value to clients, in many years to come. When it comes to financial planning, our professional Financial Consultants are trained to identify our clients' unique needs, and recommend the right plans for them.

Operating Environment

We operate in a highly competitive market and compete for customers with both insurance and non-insurance financial services companies. Customer loyalty and retention, and access to distributors, are important to Manulife Singapore's success and are influenced by many factors, including our product features, service levels, prices, and our financial strength ratings and reputation. External business, economic, political, tax, legal and regulatory environments and changes to accounting or actuarial reserving standards can significantly impact the types, pricing and attractiveness of the products and services we offer. The economic environment may remain volatile and our regulatory environment will continue to evolve which could materially impact our competitiveness. Further, the attractiveness of our product offerings relative to our competitors will be influenced by competitor actions, as well as our own, and the requirements of the regulatory regime.

Strategic Direction

Manulife Singapore continues to build a life insurance and wealth franchise that is well positioned to meet the evolving protection, investment and retirement needs of the clients. Our core strategy focuses on expanding our professional agency force and alternative distribution channels, building and expanding our portfolio of products in wealth and protection, as well as investing in our brand.