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4 steps to help your parents plan their retirement

26 September 2022 | 1-min read

Our parents have done their best to provide what they can for us until we are adults. As they grow older, it is our turn to make sure that we do our best to provide for them in their golden years. However, your resources are limited as you have your own financial commitments. Hence, it is important to understand your parents’ retirement needs so you can help them to plan ahead as much as possible.  

Follow these 4 easy steps to help your parents plan for their retirement 

Step 1: Have an open conversation about retirement 

A great way to start a discussion on retirement planning would be asking your parents how they envision their retirement to be. Do they want to travel the world, or perhaps, continue working to keep themselves active?

You may also want to ask if they have a preference on where they will stay - some parents prefer to continue living in their own homes, while others envision staying with their children so that they get to spend more time with them and their grandchildren.

Step 2: Understand their current financial situation

Parents may not want to be upfront about how much money they have sitting in their savings account, but you can always ask them about a few specifics to get a sense of their situation:

  • monthly expenses
  • CPF account balances
  • outstanding mortgage/personal loans
  • investments 

Also, find out if they have any savings plan for retirement which may be giving them payouts to enhance their retirement income. For example, if they had taken up retirement savings insurance plans like RetireReady Plus (III), they will receive a Guaranteed Monthly Income1 for life over their choice of 5², 10, 15, or 20 years after the selected retirement age of 50, 55, 60, 65 or 70.  

A plan for retirement, for the golden years you've always dreamed of

RetireReady Plus (III)

A plan for retirement, for the golden years you've always dreamed of

Once you have an idea of their current financial situation, you can estimate the retirement fund they need. You can then work together with them to fill the missing gap between their desired retirement fund and their current savings with sources of retirement income (e.g.: CPF savings and insurance payouts).

Step 3: Ensure your parents are adequately insured

As your parents grow older, it is inevitable that they become more susceptible to ill-health and diseases. Making sure that they have adequate health insurance coverage is as important as it can help you to avoid being unnecessarily burdened by their medical bills. For example, RetireReady Plus (III) has a loss of independence income benefit3,4 which allow them to receive up to an additional 100%3 of their Guaranteed Monthly Income1, depending on the severity. It may be worthwhile to engage a Financial Consultant to find out the insurance coverage gaps your parents may have. 

Step 4: Talk to them about their will

There’s no love greater than the love a parent has for their children. Even though your parents would not be around forever, they might still want to take care of their children for as long as they can. Having an open conversation to understand how much they would like to leave as their legacy is an important step in figuring out their desired retirement fund as well. 


We hope you have a better understanding on how to help your parents plan their retirement. Learn 5 tips on how to plan for your own retirement here

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    3. If the life insured is not able to perform any 2 out of 6 Activities of Daily Living, the Loss of Independence Income Benefit payable is equivalent to 50% of the GMI, capped at a maximum of S$2,000 per month per policy. If the life insured is not able to perform at least 3 out of 6 Activities of Daily Living or diagnosed with Irreversible Loss of Speech, Deafness (Irreversible Loss of Hearing) or Major Head Trauma, the Loss of Independence Income Benefit payable is equivalent to 100% of the GMI, capped at a maximum of S$4,000 per month per policy.
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