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Change payment method

Apply to change your payment method from GIRO to direct billing or vice versa




From direct billing to GIRO: 
1. Completed Policy Details Policy Details Change Form (required if the GIRO account belongs to a third party) 
2. Completed Interbank GIRO Form 
3. Outstanding premium to date, if any, and additional premiums for new GIRO application (Please refer to FAQ for more details). 

From GIRO to direct billing: 
1. Completed Policy Details Change Form

What you need to provide

From GIRO to direct billing

From direct billing to GIRO

  • Completed Policy Details Change Form (required if the GIRO account belongs to a third party)
  • Completed Interbank GIRO Form
  • Outstanding premium to date, if any, and additional premiums for new GIRO application (Refer Premium Payment section’s Giro for more details).


Do all policies allow for direct billing?
No, new policies that are paid monthly will have to be paid via GIRO.

What is the estimated processing time?
Your request will be processed in about three working days (except for GIRO applications).

Please note that the new GIRO arrangement will take up to 60 days to be activated as some time is required for the validation process with your bank. We will inform you once your application is approved. In the meantime, please arrange to make timely payment of your premiums via other payment methods.

Who will need to sign the form to activate the change? 
For non-trust policies, the Assignee or Policyowner must sign the form. 

For a Trust policy under S49L, either of the following parties must sign the form:
• Policyowner and any one Trustee (excluding the Policyowner), or 
• All Beneficiaries (each Beneficiary must be at least 18 years old) 

For a Trust policy under S73, the Policyowner and all Trustees must sign on the form.


Change of premium

Apply to increase of decrease your premium.



Change of sum insured

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Change to recurring single premium

Make changes to your standing instruction for recurring single premium (RSP) investments.



Change payment frequency

Apply to change the frequency of your premium payment.



Change rider/supplemetary benefits details

Apply to make changes to your rider or supplementary benefit.



Change insured person

Apply to change the Life Insured on your policy.



Secondary life insured option

Apply to appoint or change the Secondary Life Insured of your policy.



Change occupation details

Update your policy with your change of occupation.



Convert to reduced payout policy

Apply to use your policy's cash value to convert the policy to a reduced paid-up policy.



Change of representative

Request for a change of servicing representative.



Reinstate a lapsed policy

Apply to reinstate a policy after it has lapsed.



Notify Manulife of a will or a will change

Notify Manulife when you have made a will or a change to an existing will.



Surrender or withdraw a policy

Apply to surrender or withdraw a policy in full or partially.



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