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Perform a fund switch

Apply to switch units between funds for your investment-linked policy.

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The minimum amount to perform a fund switch is S$500 for a Manulife policy and S$1000 for a John Hancock policy, or the entire fund value, whichever is lower. 

Please refer to this  List of Available Funds for the funds available for your policy.

We encourage you to evaluate your risk tolerance, investment goals and investment time horizon before making an investment decision. If you need help reviewing the suitability of your investment, or if you failed your Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA), please get in touch with your Representative who can assist you on your request.

If you have passed your CKA and do not wish to receive advice on your investment choices, you may submit your instructions by logging in to our secure customer portal, MyManulife.

If you do not have a MyManulife account, you can easily follow the step-by-step instructions at to create your account.

If your policy has a trust arrangement, you may refer to FAQ below for more information.


How to request for fund switch if your policy has a trust arrangement?

If your policy has a trust arrangement, please contact us at for a Fund Switch Form. Alternatively, you may submit the request via the Contact Us form.

Once completed and signed by the relevant parties, you can mail the form to us for further processing.

Who will need to sign the form to request for fund switch?

For a Trust policy under S49L, either of the following parties must sign the form: 

  • Policyowner and any one Trustee (excluding the Policyowner), or 
  • All Beneficiaries (each Beneficiary must be at least 18 years old) 

For a Trust policy under S73, the Policyowner and all Trustees must sign on the form.


Perform redirection of premiums

Apply to redirect your future premiums for your investment-linked policy.



Auto-rebalance your portfolio

Apply to auto-rebalance your portfolio for your investment-linked policy.



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