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Update for Health Advantage Benefit

Update results of your health targets for Health Advantage Benefit.



For LifeReady and LifeReady Plus policy, if you have qualified for the Health Advantage Benefit at the time of policy application, you may continue to enjoy the premium discount on your policy basic premiums throughout the premium payment term if you meet the given health targets.

Please complete the Health Advantage Form and submit medical reports for our verification.

What you need to provide

1. Completed Health Advantage Form 
2. Medical reports


Do I qualify for Health Advantage Benefit? 
If you are a non-smoker and have been accepted at standard terms upon policy issuance, you would have qualified for Health Advantage Benefit and granted a premium discount on your policy basic premiums.

What do I need to furnish to continue the discounted premium? 
You will receive a letter from Manulife 90 days before the end of 2nd policy anniversary to furnish specific health data. You need to tell us about your current health status on Height & weight, cholesterol and blood pressure readings. Please download the form for completion and submit the relevant reports. Continuation of Health Advantage Benefit is subject to satisfactory health status. 

You may submit your health data anytime before the end of your 2nd policy anniversary. 

Who will need to sign on the Health Advantage Form? 
The registered medical practitioner, Policy owner and the Life Insured need to sign the form.


Update personal details

Update your personal details such as your mailing address, email address or phone number.



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