To help us process your claim as quickly as possible, please ensure that the required documents listed in the next section are completed and sent to us. We may need more time to process the claim if further clarification is needed, and will inform you if this occurs.
What you need to provide
  1. Disability Claim Form – to be completed by the policyowner
  2. Attending Physician's Statement (disability) – to be completed by the attending doctor
  3. Copy of the Insured’s or Claimant’s NRIC or passport
  4. All other  relevant medical reports e.g. lab reports
  5. Copy of the police report, if any
  6. Copy of the proof of relationship – applicable for Payor Benefit Rider claims
  7. Copy of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Statement (for the past 12 months) or letter to show the last day of employment prior to the disability – applicable for Disability Advance Payment Plus (DAP+) benefit claims
  8. Declaration of Beneficial Ownership – applicable for trust or keyman policies
    (Please provide a copy of the Beneficial Owner’s NRIC or passport if the share is above 25%)
  9. Authorisation letter – required if a third party is assisting with the claim
What is the estimated processing time?
  • Acknowledgement of claim – 2 working days after receiving the written claim notification
  • Assessment of claim – 10 working days after receiving all required documents
  • Payment of cheque – 3 working days after the claim is approved
Who pays for the Attending Physician’s Statement or medical report?
The policyowner will have to bear the cost of the Attending Physician’s Statement or medical report, except for clarifications that Manulife requires

Need some assistance? Please contact us and one of our Client Services Executives will be happy to guide you along.

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