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Change your beneficiaries

Nominate a beneficiary for your policy.


To help us process your request promptly, please follow these steps when completing the form:

  1. Download and complete the PDF form directly on your device (e.g. computer) to ensure that mandatory fields are not omitted.
  2. After completing the PDF form, print the form for wet-inked signatures by yourself and your two signatories (i.e. witnesses).
  3. Mail the completed original hardcopy form to us.

Important Notes

  1. Amendments have been made to the Insurance (Nomination of Beneficiaries) Regulations 2009 to enable insurers to provide online nomination from 2 January 2024. However, this online option is currently unavailable for Manulife Singapore until later part of 2024.
  2. Meanwhile, all nomination forms must still be submitted as original hardcopy, signed by the policy owner and 2 witnesses with wet-inked signatures and dated on the same day.
  3. For nomination forms signed on and after 2 January 2024, please ensure that you are using the updated nomination form with the following form versions.
New Form Version No. Name of Nomination Form Description
FORM1-2024-01 Form 1 Trust Nomination Nominate a beneficiary for a trust nomination
FORM2-2024-01 Form 2 Revocation of Trust Nomination Revoke a beneficiary from a trust nomination
FORM3-2024-01 Form 3 Appointment, or Revocation of Appointment, of Trustee of Policy Moneys Appoint or revoke a trustee
FORM4-2024-01 Form 4 Revocable Nomination Nominate a beneficiary for a revocable nomination
FORM5-2024-01 Form 5 Revocation of Revocable Nomination Revoke a beneficiary from a revocable nomination

Form 6 Notice of Revocation of Revocable Nomination

Revocation via a will/assignment


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