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Nominate a beneficiary for a trust nomination

Make a trust nomination to transfer all policy ownership rights to a beneficiary.



Under Section 132 of the Insurance Act, a Policyowner can make a trust nomination at the time of buying a policy or at any time after the policy is issued. When the nomination is completed, the Policyowner will lose all rights to the ownership of the policy and all proceeds from the policy, including living benefits and death benefits, will belong to the named nominees. 

Only Policyowners who are 18 years old and above may make a trust nomination. 

To make a nomination, please complete the Trust Nomination Form and mail it back to us with the necessary document(s) requested.

What you need to provide

1. Form 1 – Trust Nomination 
2. Copy of Policyowner’s NRIC


Who will need to sign the nomination form? 
For non-trust policies, the Assignee or Policyowner must sign the form.


Revoke a beneficiary from a trust nomination

Apply to revoke the trust nomination for your policy.



Appoint or revoke a trustee

Appoint a trustee or revoke the appointment of an existing trustee.



Nominate a beneficiary from a revocable nomination

Make a revocable nomination for your policy.



Revoke a beneficiary from a revocable nomination

Revoke an existing revocable nomination and make a new nomination.



Revocation via a will / assignment

Inform Manulife of the revocation of a revocable nomination via a will / assignment.



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