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Payment by cheque, cashier's order or bank draft

Perform payment for your policy by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft.'


Please make out your cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft to Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and state the policy number, name of the Policyowner and the purpose of payment, e.g. loan repayment or premium payment. 

Please ensure that your bank draft is in the same currency stated in your policy contract, e.g. SGD or USD. 

You can mail the payment or drop it off with our cashiers at our Client Service Centre: 

8 Cross Street #01-01A
Manulife Tower
Singapore 048424


Set up a GIRO arrangement

Pay premiums from your bank account automatically using GIRO



Payment via AXS or internet banking

Perform payment for your policy via AXS or internet banking.



Payment by cash or NETS

Perform payment for your policy by cash or NETS.



Payment by telegraphic transfer

Perform payment for your policy by telegraphic transfer.



Prepay premiums

Make advance payment on your policy premiums.



Top-up an investment-linked policy

Top up your investment-linked policy with a lump sum investment.



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