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Frequently Asked Questions

All Manulife customers are welcome to join ManulifeMOVE. Simply download the ManulifeMOVE app from the App store or Google Play store and create an account with a valid email address. Then, click "Activate later" on the registration page and connect your tracker to get started.

You will be eligible to participate in the Programme if:
1. You are the primary life assured of at least one Manulife policy and where the policy is either:

  • a regular premium policy with a minimum annual premium of SGD/USD 3,000; or
  • an Heirloom, or a Signature Series single premium policy;

2. You were the primary life assured of the policy when the policy first commenced;
3. You were at least 18 years of age at policy inception;
4. Your mobile number was provided when the policy was purchased (as part of the policy application); and the free-look period of the eligible policy has ended.

For an eligible policy which has more than one primary life assured, the Programme membership will be offered to the life assured who is the policy-owner.

The membership enrolment is automated if you have at least one Manulife policy with annual premiums more than S$3,000.

To activate your Programme membership, you need to

  1. Download the ManulifeMOVE mobile application via the App Store or Google Play Store,
  2. Create an account with a valid email address,
  3. Verify the email address via a one-time PIN sent to your email address,
  4. Enter your NRIC/FIN/Passport and date of birth when prompted.
  5. Connect a tracker* to the ManulifeMOVE application.

*ManulifeMOVE supports iOS (iPhones), Apple Watch, Android (Samsung Health, Google Fit), Fitbit, Garmin. 

Your ManulifeMOVE membership will not expire as long as you meet all the eligibility conditions.

Existing MOVE members using the new ManulifeMOVE app for the first time are required to choose the option to “Login” rather than “Create new account”.

After which, MOVE members will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your MOVE email address which you will need to continue your login process.

You can click on the “Forget Password” link to help you. After you have entered your verification number from your One-Time Password (OTP) sent through email, you will be prompted to change and update with a new password. If you are unable to recall the email used for MOVE account, please contact us at

  • Existing Members
    Members logging in to the new MOVE app (for the first time) will have a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your MOVE email address, which you will need to continue your login process.

    If you have forgotten the email address used to register for your existing ManulifeMOVE app, please contact us at

  • New Users
    If you are a new user, please register a new account using your email address and password, as well as verify your email address via a One-Time Password.

You will only be entitled to one Programme membership, regardless of the number of eligible policies of which you are the primary life assured of.

There is no membership fee for ManulifeMOVE.

ManulifeMOVE memberships are not transferable.

Your membership will be suspended once you fail to meet all the eligibility conditions at any point during your membership. For example, this could happen if the policy had lapsed, terminated, or matured.

The suspension period is 182 days, during which if you are able to meet all the eligibility conditions again (for example, having the lapsed policy reinstated or becoming the Life Assured of a new eligible policy), your membership will be reinstated.

Otherwise your membership will be terminated at the end of the 182 days suspension period.

After termination, if you are again able to meet all the eligibility conditions, you may be offered a new membership, subject to the Terms of the Programme at that point.

You may also choose to terminate your ManulifeMOVE membership at any point by notifying us via email at

Please note that your ManulifeMOVE membership cannot be reinstated and all benefits under ManulifeMOVE will cease upon membership termination. You can only re-apply for ManulifeMOVE by purchasing new eligible policy.

Any person can download the ManulifeMOVE mobile app and create a ManulifeMOVE account with a valid email address. They can track their activity progress by connecting their steps tracking device to the ManulifeMOVE mobile app.

Starting from 1 May 2024, ManulifeMOVE Cashback Rewards programme new cycle enrollment will be discontinued. For any active cycle in progress, you're eligible to receive the cashback if you are able to meet the ManulifeMOVE Cashback Rewards programme requirement by the end of the current tracking period, and no new cycle will be started afterwards.

Requirement & rewards will remain the same.

You can find out more information here.

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