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ManulifeMOVE Self-set Targets with Rewards

Self-set Targets with Rewards



ManulifeMOVE's Target Steps is a new habit-building feature that encourages you to meet and maintain a walking routine and be rewarded for it. It will help you take personal accountability for your health by letting you set your own target number of steps to achieve everyday, for 3 days in a row. With the goal of achieving a streak of 3 consecutive days, you benefit by building consistency, ultimately improving your health, and getting access to Rewards.

Please note that this feature is currently available to MOVE programme members only.

1. Select “Reward your steps habit” to start your challenge

2. Select your target steps for the next 3 days


3. Every 3 days, collect a streak completion of your target steps.

4. Every 7 Streaks allows you to exchange for a Reward of your choice.

5. Scroll through the Reward options

6. Select the Reward of your choice

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Earn S$50 Cash Rewards with a daily average of 10,000 steps over 6 months. T&Cs apply.