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Prepay Premiums

Make advance payment of your policy premiums.



Depending on the features of your policy, you may have the option to make payment of your second-year annual premium in advance to enjoy interest on the prepaid amount. Our current interest rate is 1 percent and is non-guaranteed. Please note that this facility is available only to new applications of traditional life insurance and endowment plans. 

You may be required to pay an additional amount if the interest rate decreases. If there is an increase in the interest rate, the excess amount may be used to offset future premiums or be refunded to you. 

If you wish to make an advance payment, please complete the Prepayment Facility Form and return it to us by mail or email.

What you need to provide

1. Completed Prepayment Facility Form 

2. If the prepayment amount is S$50,000 and more, supporting documents such as the evidence of title, copies of trust deeds, audited accounts, salary details, tax returns or bank statements must be provided. 

3. For a third-party payor, please enclose a copy of the payor’s NRIC, passport or evidence of incorporation, ownership, shareholdings and directorships (where applicable).


Set up a GIRO arrangement

Pay premiums from your bank account automatically using GIRO



Payment via AXS or internet banking

Perform payment for your policy via AXS or internet banking.



Payment by cash or NETS

Perform payment for your policy by cash or NETS.



Payment by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft

Perform payment for your policy by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft.



Payment by telegraphic transfer

Perform payment for your policy by telegraphic transfer.



Top-up an investment-linked policy

Top up your investment-linked policy with a lump sum investment.



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