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Apply for a policy loan

Apply for a loan on your policy with an accumulated cash value.



Our current interest rate is 6.75 percent per year and is subject to change. Interest will be calculated daily based on the outstanding loan. The interest on the loan will be payable on each anniversary of the policy’s commencement date, with the first payment on the anniversary immediately following the loan, and every year subsequently until the loan is fully repaid. Any overdue interest will be added to the loan and will incur interest at the same rate as the loan. 

Loan repayment can be made in part of in full by cheque, cash, or via AXS machines. If there is a policy payment such as a claim, withdrawal of coupons or survival benefits, or surrender of policy, the outstanding loan payment will first be deducted from the policy proceeds. 

We encourage you to contact your Representative or our Client Services team at (65) 6833-8188 to discuss your options for your policy. If you would like to proceed with the loan application, please complete the Policy Loan Application Form and mail it to us with the necessary document(s) requested.

What you need to provide

1. Completed Policy Loan Application Form


Who will need to sign the form to apply for policy loan? 
For non-trust policies, the Assignee or Policyowner must sign the form.

For a Trust policy under S49L, either of the following parties must sign the form:
• Policyowner and any one Trustee (excluding the Policyowner), or
• All Beneficiaries (each Beneficiary must be at least 18 years old)

For a Trust policy under S73, the Policyowner and all Trustees must sign on the form.

To whom will the payment be made?
For non-trust policies funded by cash, we will make the payment to the Assignee or Policyowner. 

For a Trust policy under S49L, we will make the payment to the Trustee or Beneficiary who signs on the form. 

For a Trust policy under S73, we will make the payment to all Trustees.


Withdraw coupons / survival benefits / bonus

Request to withdraw your accumulated coupons, survival benefits or bonuses in part or in full.



Direct credit to bank (EFT)

Apply for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to credit policy payouts directly to your bank account.



Set up regular withdrawal of annuity

Apply for regular withdrawals of your annuity policy.



Telegraphic Transfer (TT) For USD

Apply for Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to credit your USD Signature Income policy payout directly to your overseas bank account.



Other services that we offer

We are always here to help in whatever way we can.