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According to a Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) study1 done in 2022, Singaporeans have a 74% Critical Illness (CI) protection gap. Get peace of mind and focus on your recovery with critical illness insurance which provides a lump sum pay out for a list of covered critical illness conditions from early, intermediate and advanced stages.

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Protection against the financial burden of critical illness.

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Manulife CI FlexiCare
Manulife CI FlexiCare

Covers you up to 126 critical illnesses (CI) including early, intermediate and advanced stages. 


Critical SelectCare

Crafted to protect you against selected major critical illnesses and age-related conditions.


Find out what Critical Illness Insurance Plans are

What is a critical illness insurance vs a multi-pay critical illness insurance? 

Critical illness insurance pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered by the insurance plan. 

Similar to critical illness insurance, multi-pay critical illness insurance policy provides you with a lump sum pay out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness with the additional benefit of making subsequent claims for certain recurring critical illness conditions. 

What does a critical illness insurance cover? 

Depending on your chosen insurance plan, critical illness insurance will cover a list of critical illness conditions which can include early, intermediate and advanced stages. 

Why do you need critical illness insurance? 

Unlike health insurance which only offers coverage for hospitalisation bills, critical illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum payout that can help you cover expenses such as outstanding debts, everyday care and living costs in Singapore during your recovery. Find out more about the differences between health plans and critical illness policies here.

Why choose Manulife's critical illness plan? 

Manulife's CI FlexiCare plan covers a range of critical illnesses including early, intermediate and advanced stages. As critical illnesses may relapse over time, having a critical illness insurance policy that has multi-pay feature, you can be covered for repeated critical illness conditions or another new critical illness condition. 

To ensure that there is protection available for everyone, we have another critical illness plan, Critical SelectCare, that can be purchased by those above 40 years old to cover against selected major critical illnesses and age-related conditions for at less than S$1/day2

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to respective Product Summary for specific definition. 


1. LIA 2022 Protection Gap Study on the Economically Active (EA) mortality and critical illness protection gap:

2. Premium is based on 40 year old, non-smoker, male with sum insured S$25,000, paying annual premiums.

Important notes

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Information is correct as at 01 December 2023.

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