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Achieve your desired retirement lifestyle with a retirement insurance plan which provides you with monthly retirement income with life insurance coverage and protection coverage against Death and Terminal Illnesses (TI).

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Live your desired retirement lifestyle with our retirement plans.

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RetireReady Plus (III)

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Find out what Retirement Insurance Plans are

What are retirement savings plans?

A retirement savings plan, as known as a retirement plan or insured retirement plan gives you a secure retirement by providing you with a steady stream of monthly retirement income with life insurance coverage and protection coverage against Death and Terminal Illnesses (TI).

How to choose an insurance retirement plan?

Choose an insurance retirement plan that will help you achieve your desired retirement lifestyle. Firstly, find out how much retirement income you need and then choose a retirement plan which provides you with retirement income over a lifetime, or your choice of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to income loss. To secure your retirement goal, you can consider a plan with Retrenchment Payout Benefit1, which provides a financial safety net in event of unexpected job loss.

Why choose Manulife retirement insurance plan?

Manulife’s retirement insurance plans allow you to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle while protecting you right from the start of the plan and into your retirement years.

Our retirement insurance plans are flexible with options to freeze your premium2 and adjust your income payout period*2 to accommodate to your changing needs.

There is also a retrenchment benefit and additional income upon loss of independence to help you minimise disruption to your retirement goal should unforeseen events happen.


* Terms and conditions apply, please refer to RetireReady Plus (III) Product Summary and Policy Contract for specific definitions.

1 .. Only applies to individual owned policies and policies where life insured is aged 64 and below, during the first 5 policy years (for SP policies), during your premium payment term (for RP policies), or before the policy anniversary immediately after his or her 65th birthday, whichever is earlier.

2 Not applicable to single premium policies.

Important notes

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Information is correct as at 13 June 2023

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