Heirloom (V)

Designed for the ones who truly appreciate the value of legacy

Hard work. Resilience. Determination. Trademarks of the success you’ve built over the years. You’ve built it because you know what you do today, defines the future. You also know the true value of leaving a lasting legacy for your family, generation after generation. Let us help you carry out your plan with Heirloom (V), a universal life insurance plan, denominated in US dollars that offers the benefits of high insurance cover along with cash value accumulation.

Heirloom (V) can be tailored to help you achieve any of these 4 financial needs.

Legacy Planning
Estate Liquidity
Portfolio Diversification
Business Continuity
Core Benefits

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Product footnotes

1.   Death benefit is the face amount of the policy or the policy value at the date of death, whichever is higher, and take off any outstanding policy debt.

2.   Allowed two years after the date we issue the policy to you. We will decide whether to accept the new life insured and it will depend on whether we can insure this new life insured and on other terms and conditions we may decide. The cost of the insurance will be based on the new life insured’s age, gender, country of residence, underwriting class and any other ratings. For more details, please see the product contract.

3.   Starts from policy year 16 or after the policy anniversary where life insured turned age 70, whichever is later, and end immediately before the policy anniversary after the life insured’s 100th birthday.

4.   Applicable to standard or preferred smoker, without any additional ratings.

5.   You may pay a premium of any amount at any time before age 100, within the maximum limits we set. If you have enough cash value in the policy, you may skip a premium payment or stop paying entirely. You may need to pay extra premiums if the actual interest we pay you is lower than shown, if you take a loan, if you make a withdrawal or the actual charges are higher. The actual amount and frequency of premium payments will affect the policy value and potentially the death benefit as well as how long the policy is kept in force.

6.   On the condition that the withdrawals made from 11th policy anniversary onwards and the total withdrawal amount in a particular policy year does not exceed 5% of the policy value at the previous anniversary after monthly deductions.

7. You will need to pass a urine test to be able to qualify for standard non-smoker rates.
Important notes
Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. There may be high costs involved if you terminate the policy early, and your policy’s surrender value (if any) may be less than the total premiums paid. This is for your information only and does not consider your specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not a contract of insurance and is not intended as an offer or recommendation to purchase the plan. You can find the full terms and conditions, details, and exclusions for the mentioned insurance product(s) in the policy contract. We recommend that you seek advice from a Manulife Financial Consultant before making a commitment to purchase a policy.

Information is correct at the time of publishing.