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You can submit various requests or make updates to your policies by completing the relevant form below and sending it back to us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to

Access your policy details
Register in Customer Website

Manage your policies easily at your own convenience with the Customer Website.

Activate easyTouch

easyTouch is a self-help phone service to make policy information more accessible for our customers.

Make a change to your policy
Change of premium

Apply to increase of decrease your premium.

Change of sum insured

Apply to increase or decrease your sum insured.

Change to recurring single premium

Make changes to your standing instruction for recurring single premium (RSP) investments.

Change payment frequency

Apply to change the frequency of your premium payment.

Change payment method

Apply to change your payment method from GIRO to Direct Billing or vice versa.

Change rider/supplementary benefit details

Apply to make changes to your rider or supplementary benefit.

Change insured person

Apply to change the Life Insured on your policy.

Change occupation details

Update your policy with your change of occupation.

Convert to reduced paid up policy

Apply to use your policy's cash value to convert the policy to a reduced paid-up policy.

Change of representative

Request for a change of servicing representative.

Reinstate a lapsed policy

Apply to reinstate a policy after it has lapsed.

Notify Manulife of a will or will change

Notify Manulife when you have made a will or a change to an existing will. 

Surrender or withdraw a policy

Apply to surrender or withdraw a policy in full or partially.

Arrange a policy payout
Withdraw coupons / survival benefits / bonus

Request to withdraw your accumulated coupons, survival benefits or bonuses in part or in full.

Apply for a policy loan

Apply for a loan on your policy with an accumulated cash value. 

Direct crediting to bank (EFT)

Apply for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to credit policy payouts directly to your bank account.

Set up regular withdrawal of annuity

Apply for regular withdrawals of your annuity policy.

Telegraphic Transfer (TT) For USD

Apply for Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to credit your USD Signature Income policy payout directly to your overseas bank account.

Update personal information
Update personal details

Update your personal details such as your mailing address, email address or phone number.

Update for LifeReady's Health Advantage Benefit

Update results of your health targets for Health Advantage Benefit.

Make a payment
Set up a GIRO arrangement

Pay premiums from your bank account automatically using GIRO.

Payment via AXS or internet banking

Perform payment for your policy via AXS or internet banking.

Payment by cash or NETS

Perform payment for your policy by cash or NETS.

Payment by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft

Perform payment for your policy by cheque, cashier’s order or bank draft.

Payment by telegraphic transfer

Perform payment for your policy by telegraphic transfer.

Prepay premiums

Make advance payment on your policy premiums.

Top-up an investment-linked policy

Top up your investment-linked policy with a lump sum investment.

Change your beneficiaries
Nominate a beneficiary for a trust nomination

Make a trust nomination to transfer all policy ownership rights to a beneficiary.

Revoke a beneficiary from a trust nomination

Apply to revoke the trust nomination for your policy.

Appoint or revoke a trustee

Appoint a trustee or revoke the appointment of an existing trustee.

Nominate a beneficiary for a revocable nomination

Make a revocable nomination for your policy.

Revoke a beneficiary from a revocable nomination

Revoke an existing revocable nomination and make a new nomination.

Revocation via a will / assignment

Inform Manulife of the revocation of a revocable nomination via a will / assignment.

Manage your funds
Perform a fund switch

Apply to switch units between funds for your investment-linked policy.

Perform redirection of premiums

Apply to redirect your future premiums for your investment-linked policy.

Auto-re-balance your portfolio

Apply to auto-rebalance your portfolio for your investment-linked policy.

Assign or transfer your policy
Assign policy to a financial institution

Assign your policy to a financial institution as additional security for a loan.

Transfer ownership of a policy

Transfer ownership of your policy to another person or company.

Arrange for a business reply envelope to Manulife
Mail documents and completed forms to Manulife

If you would need to mail your supporting documents and completed forms to Manulife, you can print out the Business Reply Envelope for use.

Manage your privacy settings
Withdrawal of marketing consent

Opt out of receiving marketing, advertising and promotional information from Manulife Singapore

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